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Virtual Dashboard

Helm and Navigation for iOS

Simulator Screen Shot - iPad Pro.png

Bring your iPhone and iPad's many sensors to life on Virtual Dashboard. Arrange a variety of different gauges to create your own custom dashboards. You can choose from:


○ Speedometer (with peak hold)

○ Odometer (distance travelled, resettable)

○ GPS Altimeter (absolute altitude)

○ Barometric Altimeter (relative altitude)

○ Accelerometer (with peak hold)

○ Artificial Horizon (pitch and roll)

○ Compass (with magnetic heading and true track indicator)

○ Elapsed Time (with average speed)


Swipe to display a navigational map with resizable gauge overlays. You can select from road, nautical chart, satellite, topographic, and survey (blank) modes. 


The map shows your current coordinates, track, and heading, and drops breadcrumb markers as you travel.


Tap to set a destination and the map displays your distance, bearing, direction to steer, and ETA to the destination.


Customize your units, map features, and gauge behavior. Select from one of the many different themes (theme requires in-app purchase).

Preview and Screenshots

Version History

Version 1.0 for iOS     

  • Released April 6, 2020

Version 1.3 for iOS     

  • Released May 16, 2020

  • All new Themes

  • UTM and MGRS coordinates support

  • Map Search for points of interest or street addresses

  • Map Cache for offline use (non-Apple maps)

  • Double-tap destination information to zoom and center on destination

Version 1.4 for iOS     

  • Released September 15, 2020

  • New Elapsed Time Gauge with Average Speed

  • Bike Mode on Maps

Version 1.5.1 for iOS     

  • Released February 7, 2021

  • Heads-Up Display feature (mirrored display)

  • Jet-green theme

Version 1.6.0 for iOS     

Version 1.7.0 for iOS     

  • Released April 6, 2022

  • Export breadcrumb track to GPX - share with other app or write to file

License Information

Licensing and usage of Virtual Dashboard is subject to the standard Apple End User License Agreement

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