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Z-plane Element Layout and Drawing


ZeldDesigner is a simple to use yet powerful 2D vector graphics drawing application for creating illustrations, schematics, diagrams, artwork, and more. Draw, edit, and combine shapes, with a variety of line strokes, fill colors, and fill gradients to create impressive, complex illustrations. Vector drawings are described mathematically, rather than using bitmaps, allowing them to be scaled to any resolution for display and printing. 

ZeldDesigner provides primitive shapes, measurement tools, word art, and image manipulation. Shapes can be combined by joining, intersecting, and subtracting. Alignment and distribute tools provide automatic and precise layout. Draw new shapes using lines, curves, and freehand.

Demo Version

Want to explore ZeldDesigner features? Download the demo version to try for free. All features except Save and Print are enabled.



  • Move, resize, rotate, shear, flip, transparency, group, and adjust Z-plane layer of elements on canvas

  • Align and distribute elements relative to each other (horizontal, vertical, centered, grid, radial, ramp)

  • Combine shapes by joining, subtracting, intersecting, and exclusive joining

  • Edit shape control points, add and delete verticies, insert line segments, quadratic curves, and cubic curves

  • Set stroke thickness, dash-pattern, line color, and line style

  • Set fill color, or paint with linear, radial, conical gradients, or pattern/image fill

  • Insert primitive geometric shapes, images, text, word art, symbols, lines, measurement arrows, links, and callouts

  • Image editor includes crop, perspective transform, background removal, color/hue adjust, contrast/brightness, other filters

  • Draw tools: line, orthogonal line, freeform, freeform with smoothing, quadratic and cubic curves

  • Paint tool: paint or erase with different shapes

  • Adjust canvas ruler scale to cm, inch, pixels or custom for scaled drawings (including support for English fractional units)

  • Multiple canvas pages

  • Export to PNG images

  • Import and Export SVG files

  • 3D shapes

Sample Files

  • Download a sample .zld file here (this is a native file, double click to open in ZeldDesigner)

  • Download example .svg files: yellow car, blue car, camera, tiger (Right click these links to download, then right click file in Finder and choose Open With ZeldDesigner, or open from within the application.

Tutorial Videos


Painting with Shapes
Play Video

Painting with Shapes

Working with Strokes
Play Video

Working with Strokes

Gradient Tutorial
Play Video

Gradient Tutorial

Version History

Version 1.0 for MacOS    

  • Release December 20, 2018

  • Known Issues:

  1. When printing a shape with a gradient that has transparency, the transparency is rendered opaque​. Note: underlying issue in library documented in bug report:  JDK-8212643​

  2. Conical Gradient Paint is not exportable to SVG files. This is a feature that is not supported by the SVG specification.

  3. Linear Gradient Paint with NO CYCLE selected does not extend start anchor color to the edge of shape when printing. To workaround this issue, start your linear gradient at the edge of a shape and place gradient points where desired. Note: underlying issue in library documented in bug report: JDK-8215940


Version 1.1 for MacOS 

  • Release January 21, 2019

  • New Features:

  1. Open, import, and edit SVG files​

  2. Eyedropper selection tool in color selection panel

  3. Re-edit existing gradients

  4. Custom line border thickness

  5. New block arrow shape

  6. Hide Rulers

  7. Icons for retina display

  8. Other minor cosmetic changes and bug fixes

Version 1.2 for MacOS 

  • Release February 11, 2019

  • New Features:

  1. Make canvas elements non-printable

  2. Text shape

  3. Wave shape

  4. Paint Tool (paint/erase) new or existing shapes

  5. Shape Library

  6. Distribute random mode

  7. Other minor bug fixes

Version 1.3 for Windows and MacOS 

  • Release March 11, 2019

  • New Features:

  1. Line strokes, including Empty, Double-Line, and Shape stroke